About the Owner


Shelbie Miller Gaddy, born and raised in Granbury and Bluff Dale received her degree in Interior Design with a minor in Architecture.  After graduating from Texas Tech University in 2006, Shelbie hit the floor running. Firstly, she fulfilled her dream of backpacking Europe alone for the summer. After that, she began her career as a freelance designer conjuring up floor plans for residential, commercial, and historic properties. She is passionate about preserving the past and promoting her communities she holds near and dear to her heart. Currently, she acts as a designer, general contractor, innkeeper, farm-her, and now host for events!

Shelbie loves: her husband (friends and family too),
kitties, anything OLD, gardening, and traveling…

Shelbie dislikes: big box stores
(I’m looking at you wal-mart!), plastic, and high winds.

If you are looking for a designer or just want to say Hi!
please contact Shelbie.

Shelbie Miller Gaddy
Shelbie Miller Gaddy